Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Eclipse Movie
“One decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between Vampire and Warewolf.”
Following up on the fanatical success of Twilight’s second chapter, New Moon, the plasma-thirsting and occasionally hairy gang form Forks, Washington is back with some new friends for a third installment of Stephanie Meyer’s vampire love story in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

This time around, a string of unsolved murders in the Seattle area by an army of vampires brings Twilight’s posse of vampires and werewolves together to fight a common enemy. Of course, the love story between the bizarre, beautiful boy Edward Cullen and the accident prone Bella Swan continues to progress. And following up on New Moo, Bella still has to wrestle with “Will they? Won’t they?” feelings about her bud/werewolf Jacob Black.

Will Bella and Edward take their relationship to the next level? What does that mean in a PG-13 movie? Will weekend box office records be safe from the juggernaut that is The Twilight Saga, especially now that it’s being released in IMAX? Twilighters, get your sleeping bags ready. Movie theater owners, boyfriends that aren’t Edward Cullen, get ready: Eclipse brings its sparkly self into theaters this summer.

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Clash of the Titan's

Clash of the Titans Movie
“One the most anticipated remake of the year”

It might be the most subtle sell for this remake of the 1981 Greek god romp, but just try and tell us those images in the trailer don’t make you squeal with the giddy excitement of a 12 year old. Giant scorpions, dueling armies, winged demons, medusa and Liam Neeson’s Zeus glowing in a blaze of white light as he hollers “Release the Kraken” … yeah, we thought as much.

Anyone who’s seen the original Clash of the Titans will no doubt have fond memories; perhaps less of Harry Hamlin in a toga that the wonderful stop motion creations of the great Harryhausen, whose mechanical robot owl, flying horse Pegasus and mighty Kraken were among his finest late-era stop motion work. For Louis Leterriers remake, Avatar action everyman Sam Worthington steps into Hamlins sandals as Perseus, the son of Zeus who hits the road to the battle the minions of Hades as a war brews between the gods.

With Danny Huston, Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton -- who’s making a bid for 2010’s mythical babe, between this and Prince of Persia -- on board, the cast fills all the requisites, so if the now CG monsters can bring the goods, this could be the one of the years great popcorn spectacles. And if the son-of –the Rancor Kraken is anything is anything to go by, the gods are smiling on this one.

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Part 1: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
“One of the best reviewed episodes”

Is this really the end? Warner Bros. certainly doesn’t want it to be, hence the decision to split the film of the final Potter book into two parts and thereby extend their lucrative franchise an extra year (Part II is due in 2011).

The gamble will pay off, obviously, since the built-in fan base that’s made these movies so huge will be as unwilling to let their favorite wizard go as the filmmakers. And the three people on the planet who haven’t read the book will get themselves a nice cliffhanger to savor in the meantime.

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows follows one of the franchise’s most successful and best-reviewed episodes, Half-Blood Prince, which bodies well for the home run two-partier. After Dumbledore’s demise, Harry, Ron, and Hermione venture into the real world to search for the Horcruxes that will help them destroy Voldemort, Harry’s arch nemesis who’s ascended to power at Hogwarts. The real suspense here is where David Yates will leave us hanging—and whether Harry can’t show up that upstart Twilight franchise at the box-office with his extended swansong.

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